Admission Outgoing

Admission Process

In general the admission process for outgoing exchange students comprises 5 steps: 

STEP 1 : The Center for International Affairs organizes information sessions, addressing English proficiency requirements and school choices, for all undergraduate in and graduate students in October at both Tha Prachan Campus and Rangsit Center.
STEP 2 :

An official announcement of application acceptance, along with other required documents, is made from November to January in the following year.  A specific deadline for application acceptance is set out; therefore, outgoing exchange candidates are encouraged to be proactive in taking the English proficiency test as required by particular partner universities. 

An on-line application form can be found here.

STEP 3 : The CIA committees interview to assess outgoing exchange candidates’ communication and attitude.
STEP 4 : A successful outgoing exchange candidate list is officially announced.  Nomination of outgoing exchange students is then made to respective partner universities within a specified time period.  Upon nomination acceptance, an information packet, including course registration, housing (if any) forms, acceptance letters for visa application and other supporting materials, is sent via mail to each and individual outgoing exchange student. 
STEP 5 : The CIA organizes a pre-departure orientation for all outgoing exchange students to walk them through a specific requirement of course registration and course / grade transfer at TBS.  Basically, by TBS regulations, all course credits and grades earned, which appear in official transcripts, at partner universities are required to be transferred back to TBS for graduation without any exception.  In addition, survival experiences, both inside and outside classrooms, are shared by former outgoing exchange students to provide a shortcut of “Dos and Don’ts” at partner universities. 

Application Period

  • Undergraduate Students : February
  • Graduate Students : March

Seat Quota

Each partner university offers different seat quotas (i.e., year, semester or a combination thereof) and English proficiency requirements (i.e., TOEFL or IELTS) in order to maintain an exchange balance record and to ensure a high level of student quality, respectively.  The tentative seat quota detail is normally provided at information sessions in September which allows a sufficient amount of preparation time for outgoing exchange candidates to fulfill the English proficiency requirements.

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