International Master’s Degree in Business Administration Program (IMBA Program)

International Master’s Degree in Business Administration Program (IMBA Program)

IMBA is the International, Innovative, and Impact MBA Program. IMBA focuses specifically on giving the tools to students to be CHANGE MAKERS, in their existing company, family business, new venture, community or their country.  Global entrepreneurship is our mainstream of learning.

IMBA’s curriculum has been designed from the ground up, to enable students to have the necessary tools to compete in today’s business world where the pace of innovation is increasing; there are lower entry barriers, with competitors coming from everywhere in the world; and Asia is increasingly the center of the world’s business.

IMBA has been designed to develop the skills, mindset, and confidence to be a CHANGE MAKER or somebody who sees the opportunity of competition through Innovation; who wants to be a leader, not just within Thailand, but also in International markets, too; and who wants his or her impact to be felt in society, or in the environment.

IMBA is a part-time graduate program, operating in a trimester system and offering all courses in English.   Classes are held in the evenings and weekends. 

  • 1st semester:  September – November
  • 2nd semester:  January – April
  • 3rd semester:  May – July

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