VISA Types and Fee

  1. Transit visa: 800. –  Baht
  2. Tourist visa: 1,000. – Baht
  3. Non-immigrant visa:Immigrant visa: 1,900.- Baht
    • Single entry: 2,000.- Baht
    • Multiple entries within 1 year: 5,000.- Baht
    • Multiple entries within 3 years for holders of passports or other travel documents from the Asia-Pacific cooperation group who travel in and out of the Kingdom for business
  4. Immigrant visa: 1,900.- Baht
  5. Non-quota immigrant visa:
    • Single entry: 1,900.- Baht
    • Multiple entries within 1 year: 3,800.- Baht

VISA Procedure

Applying for a Student Visa

After receiving your application form, we will send a letter of acceptance to you in order to apply for a visa at the Royal Thai Embassy in your country (Information on location and contact number of Thai Embassies and Consulates-General is available at The type of visa you need is a “Non-Immigrant ED”, which allows you to stay in Thailand for 90 days. There are two types of visa as follows:

A visa with single entry: The date printed on the visa is the date by which you must use the visa to enter Thailand, NOT the date by which you are allowed to stay in the country. After your arrival, the period of your stay is indicated by the immigration stamp which you will receive upon your arrival; this is normally 90 days from the date you arrive. Please note that this is the date by which you should request for the extension of your stay.

A visa with multiple entries:
This type of visa is good for those who plan to travel outside Thailand a number of times during the exchange term. Every time you leave and return to the country, your period of stay will be extended by 90 days as stated on the immigration stamp you receive upon each return. This means you can prolong your stay by leaving the country and returning before each 90-day period is over.

After arriving in Bangkok, please bring your passport to the Center for International Affairs. We will keep a copy of your passport and visa so to remind you of the important dates of visa renewal before the end of the 90 day period

Extension of Stay

Your legal period of stay in Thailand can be extended (beyond the first 90 days) by at least two ways:
With a single-entry visa or a multiple-entry visa, you must apply for an extension of your stay at the Immigration Bureau by submitting the following documents.

  1. Immigration Form 7 (Tor Mor 7)
  2. Copy of passport
  3. A 4 cm. X 6 cm. photograph
  4. 1,900 Baht application fee
  5. A certified document from the Dean of TBS (Issued by The Center for International Affairs)

With a multiple-entry visa, you can alternatively extend your stay by leaving and returning to the country.
Remark: For more information, please call 0-2141-9889


Students should check the expiration date of their passport prior to traveling. Before they will issue a visa, embassies and consulates normally require that a passport should be valid for at least as long as you intend to stay abroad. If your passport does expire while you are in Thailand, you can extend your passport at the Embassy of your country.